Books have always been an important part of my life. Even when I was just knee-high, I was a voracious reader - and forty-odd years later I still am. Having finished school, I was torn between three career choices: Become a librarian? Study to be a psychologist? Take on an apprenticeship to become a journalist? I decided to go to university and a few years later completed my PhD in psychology. For more than 25 years I´ ve been working in clinical psychology and I still LOVE it. For the past five years I´ ve been cutting back my working hours a bit in order to devote more time to writing my cosy mystery series featuring psychologist-turned-Beefeater John Mackenzie and his slightly whacky family. When I´m not immersed in some book, I love gardening, traveling, dabbling as an amateur musician and of course spending time with my wonderful husband.